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Jamailah Olive Wood Kitchenware & Gourmet

Handcrafted Olive Wood Cutting Board

Handcrafted Olive Wood Cutting Board

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The handle of this board fits perfect in your hand. This board is the perfect every day cutting board. Due to the sturdy surface you don't see scratches and don't experience smell (e.g. onions) sticking with the wood. A board that last forever! Jamailah premium olive wood tableware is based on our unique elegant design.

This olive wood is a rare and precious wood from Lesvos in Greece. Nature adds a wonderful pattern to our designs making each one truly unique and special. Olive wood is solid, robust, and clean. Thanks to its rigid and strong surface it is ideal for usage in the kitchen as well as making a beautiful serving board. We oil this item with organic extra virgin olive oil which adds a natural varnish to the wood which is 100% food suitable.

Every item is unique in pattern, color and might have a slight deviation in size, color, shape, and size. Black marks might naturally occur with this wood.

  • Made in Switzerland 
  • Dimensions: 13.8" l x 6.5" w
  • Weight: 2 lb
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