Tips to Prolong the Beauty of Your Lavender Bouquet

Tips to Prolong the Beauty of Your Lavender Bouquet

I must be honest - lavender has not always been a scent I have loved. But perhaps I had not experienced the joy of true French lavender.  This past year of welcoming so much lavender into my shop and home - whether our beautiful dried bouquets, soaps or sachets - has seen lavender now become a most loved fragrance of mine. It's been a welcome discovery since this pretty little flower/herb has so many health benefits and soothing properties. 

 While I may not have always loved the scent of what I would call false lavender (or man-made fragrance) I have always been in love with lavender plants. If only I could grow them successfully! Since I struggle as a gardener, I have been enjoying the beauty of dried lavender bouquets. Our bouquets are organically grown by the Blanc family in St Remy, Provence. Since 1838 the family has been growing lavender from their 13th century castle, Château de la Gabelle. I'd say they know a thing or two about lavender and caring for these beautiful bouquets, so I'd like to share a few of their tips with you now. 

  • To maintain their beautiful color, do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • To Clean your bouquet, gently pass a rag from stems to flowers.
  • They will lose some little flowers and seeds as they are moved about, this is normal.
  • If your bouquet seems flat, gently roll stems in the palm of your hands (flowers facing downward) 4-5 times and this will help to recover the shape.

Please note: Our bouquets are harvested very early during blossom when the color of the flowers is the prettiest. The glands that secrete the essential oils are still very young and therefore will not have a strong perfume scent just yet leaving the bouquet with a lighter fragrance. 

I hope you find these tips as helpful as I did! You can buy these beautiful french lavender bouquets along with many other lavender products in our online shop or in person at Painted Tree Boutiques in Matthews, NC. 

ps...if you have lavender growing tips, especially for our heavy clay soil here in NC, send them my way! 😊

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